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Royal Medical Admission

Let You Pick the Best Educational Option You Deserve

At Royal Medical Admission, we truly believe that every individual, regardless of their origin, should have the opportunity to chase their dreams and excel in life. And, this belief is shared by Foreign Medical Admission, our trusted partner, who is equally dedicated to assisting aspiring medical students to realize their potential and live their passion for medicine. Over the years, we have proudly helped thousands of students to achieve their goals, and today, we are committed to extending our services further.

Royal Medical Admission is Pakistan’s top international education advisor, and we specialize in guiding students interested in pursuing MBBS abroad. We provide a standardized process to match students with the best advisors and institutions to ensure that students obtain the best possible education. We offer counseling services and assistance with paperwork, putting forward a holistic approach to assisting students with their applications. Our passionate team of experts will guide you through every step of the process and ensure that you reach your desired academic destination.

We go the extra mile to provide the best services for our students, as we recognize the significance of this journey. Our aim at Foreign Medical Admission is to create opportunities for a promising future by supporting students through the admissions process, and we encourage you to join us in realizing your dreams today!


“To Help Candidates in Getting Educational Opportunities Beyond the Borders.”


“To Help Candidates in Getting Educational Opportunities Beyond the Borders.”


Royal Medical Admission assists candidates in making career and university admissions choices by using standardized technologies to facilitate access to best-matched advisors and leading international academic institutions.

Top Institution

Royal Medical Admission is Pakistan’s top international education advisor. We specialize in MBBS best educational counseling, paperwork assistance, and accept advice and are a one-stop solution for candidates. We assist students in locating diverse medical programs in other countries.


‘Royal Medical Admission’ assists Pakistani applicants in getting admission to top universities globally. We assist students in selecting the right medical university for their desired program and getting admission to prestigious foreign MBBS universities internationally. Our professional counselors guide any phase in the admissions process.


We are still striving to provide the best services and advice to our candidates. We’ll start with a consultation meeting to discuss your needs. Then you’ll only need to finish the paperwork, such as submitting the documentation needed for entrance to your preferred university and also documentation needed for passports and visas.

HOW WE HELP Students

Our Best Experts Ready To Help

Royal Medical Admissions offer benefits and challenges. Undertaking thorough research and careful planning maximizes admission chances. The opportunity provides exposure to new cultures and advanced medical technologies, enhancing students' global perspectives and education in a competitive field.


Dr Afnan Zahid

CEO - Founder

Dr zafar nazeer